"This six week program was truly better than I expected it to be. It was a positive experience that allowed me to understand the foundation and mechanics of editing. The instructors were all very patient and accommodating. I will definitely be recommending this program." -Daniel Giannusa, October 2013 Graduate


"Honestly, I came in expecting to learn mostly technique, but was surprised with how my mind was completely opened in so many other levels by the high quality of the teaching. At this point, I feel not only technically prepared, but with a new mindset to get back to the workplace.  But above all, this class taught me the true meaning of collaboration." - Gustavo Curi (international student from Brazil), July 2013 Graduate


"I learned a ton. I learned more on the first day of class than I did in a whole semester's editing class at a university. I liked that the class had a well thought-out structure and kept me on track for what I needed to get done." - Tracy Stegeman, July 2013 Graduate


"I'm so glad I found you. You are very responsible toward your students. You are good people. This is one of the best educational experiences of my life. I wish all learning institutions took responsibility for instruction the way MEWShop does." - Victoria Roberts, July 2013 Graduate


"What stood out to me with this class was the technical and professional insight.  Especially the advanced procedures of the software." - John Bacon, June 2013 Graduate


"The mix of teacher instruction and hands-on use of the software were key.  We also had a sufficient amount of footage to work with that was a great way to ensure interesting topics and genres to cut with. Thank you for a great and enjoyable learning experience!" - Paul Keady, April 2013 Graduate


"I learned skills that could be applied in any software.  You learn the applications as well as editing as an art form in this class. Other major factors in my decision to take this class was class size, cost, and location." - Chris Canberg, April 2013 Graduate 


"The things that I really loved about this class were the small class size, excellent attention from the TA's, the number programs we actually explored, and the challenge of the footage (i.e. real world footage.)  Everything in this class served a purpose, whether it was new material or review for me - the value was there.  It was worth every second I was in this class.  You have created an environment second to none." - Erica Roman Levy, February 2013 Graduate


"Great learning with great people. You learn a lot and benefit so much from their classes." - Loulwa El-Khoury (international student from Lebanon), December 2012 Graduate


"The class was great. I feel much more confident in my ability and skill as an editor, as well as now understanding the technical side." - Michael Harden, December 2012


"The class instructors and assistants were amazing professionals with many years of experience that were able to answer any of my questions. My fellow students were a lot of fun and we had a blast learning about Media Composer and Final Cut Pro; we even explored Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I enjoyed how they focused on the importance of storytelling and even brought in amazing guest speakers to expand our understanding of the editing industry. I highly recommend them!" - Eddie Cheaz, October 2012 Graduate


"The six weeks flew by. I wish it was longer. The environment and the staff made it too easy to show up every day." - Richie Malaspina, October 2012 Graduate


"The Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop) had spectatcular production and post-production instructors and assistants, who have had years of professional experience. I took the Six-Week Intensive Editing Course, and I had a great experience learning about Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. The staff members are down-to-earth, helpful, and they place a high emphasis on storytelling as the backbone of various films. If you're considering taking a film editing course, call the Manhattan Edit Workshop." - Jonathan Grossman, October 2012 Graduate


"I feel my skills have greatly improved from before the class started. I valued the personal interactions between students and instructors when getting opinions on each of the projects I was working on." - Anthony Siciliano, July 2012 Graduate


"I loved coming here every day for the last six weeks. I'm sad it's over. I learned a lot, and the course helped me to take myself more seriously as an editor." - Catherine Dwyer (international student from Australia), July 2012 Graduate


"Seriously, taking this class was the best decision I made. I hope to make it big as an editor so I can tell people I owe it to MEW." - Tim Moyle, May 2012 Graduate


"The Six-Week Intensive or individual courses are highly recommended for anyone who desires to learn the ropes of post-production. The instructors are very informative and knowledgable in their craft. Encouraged for anyone who wants to get involved in film, TV, or commercial post work. Great, fun atmosphere and well worth the time!" - Manny Andriopoulos, October 2011 Graduate

“Manhattan Edit Workshop is a great place to learn FCP and Media Composer as well as film theory. Through the training provided there, I feel confident that my job prospects have increased.”
- Marco Luperon,  July 2011 Graduate

“As a user of the Final Cut Pro Studio since 2004, and having been a Assistant Editor at City Lights Media using the Avid Nitris System, I found it very helpful and necessary to attend the MAnhattan Edit Workshop six week intensive editing course. With their detailed and very knowledgeable staff, I now have an even deeper understanding of the FCP and Avid programs, as well as a true understanding of the skill of editing in the form of story telling."
- Lamont 'Jack' Pearley, April 2011 Graduate

“I can't say enough positive things about MEW. A phenomenal place to learn about the art of editing, engage with fellow editors (both established and new), and network with producers/directors of many notable projects going on the NYC area.”
- Parker Dixon, April 2011 Graduate

“I went to MEW, and came out with the skills and concepts that enabled me to get my foot in the door as an assistant editor. Staff is great and very helpful. If you're looking to be an editor, I recommended looking into the six week program.”
- Eric Goebel, February 2011 Graduate

"MEWShop was one of the best school experiences I ever had. The class size was small and the instructors helpful and informative. I also met some good friends and contacts there that I'm still in touch with today. I'd recommend MEWShop to anyone interested in learning more about editing and editing software." - Christopher O'Brien (international student from Vancouver, Canada), October 2010 Graduate

“I can honestly say that my decision to enroll at Manhattan Edit Workshop was probably the greatest career move I could have ever made. I entered the class as a total "newbie" and ended up leaving with both the skill set and the confidence necessary to begin a career in post-production. Specifically, I completed their six-week film editing workshop, an incredible program that provided a well-rounded education in both the technical and conceptual sides of film editing. Not only was I taught the ins and outs of BOTH industry standards, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer (as well as a great crash course in After Effects!), but I was also given a substantial dose of film theory with a primary focus on the history and art of editing. Oh, and Michael Berenbaum stopped by to critique our work and share his experiences in becoming a big-time editor. No big deal. Since completing the course, I've landed gigs at several production companies and I am currently an editor for MLB.com. I'm also very excited to be helping out with a feature documentary. I owe it all to Mewshop! Thanks guys!”
- Drew Palazzo, August 2010 Graduate

“MEWShop is an amazing institution with an even better staff. I came in with little knowledge and left with a surprisingly commanding dexterity of the material and applications. Simply, they make you a better, versatile, and more efficient editor. If you're a novice, they know how meet your needs and if you're a professional, they stimulate your own creativity. You will definitely learn something you don't know whether it's aesthetics, theory or technical. Moreover, you will meet industry professionals and talented classmates all of which contribute to the learning process. So, if you're trying to decide if you should go,...you SHOULD go! One of the best decisions I have made and I highly recommend it.”
- Michael Sorola, August 2010 Graduate

"I searched a lot before I went to MEWShop and I am more than happy with my choice.  The classes were great, the groups were small, and everyone had their own computer to train. All the people that work in MEWShop are really amazing, educated, and also involved in the real film world industry.  After the six week workshop MEWShop gave me the opportunity to go to EditFest NY, see interesting people like the editors from Avatar!!!  At the last event I also met my husband - so thank you MEWShop!!!" - Eleni Brousta (international student from Greece), June 2010 Graduate

“I took the 6 week intensive at Manhattan Edit and it was a great experience. I can't recommend it enough. The program was tailored to my interests and my connection to MEWS continued long after the 6 weeks. The staff and equipment were top notch. It was a pleasure spending eight hours a day, not only on the technical craft - but also on developing my artistic voice. I left the six week program with enough hands on experience to get a meaningful job editing. I hope to stay involved with MEWS long into the future.”
- Richard Eigen, June 2009 Graduate

"I learned so much during my 6 weeks that is was equivalent to two semesters of a college class.  The workshop was a great combination of art and technology.  I can now use both FCP and Avid, and furthermore, I enhanced my background in the art of editing.  As a bonus, the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and they keep the class fun."
- Lisa Tuvalo, June 2009 Graduate

“Manhattan Edit Workshop gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to land an editing position at one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the world, NBC Universal.  Mewshop’s caliber of instruction and highly regarded industry reputation gave me a huge advantage over other applicants in the job search process. Attending the six-week workshop was hands down the best decision I made for my career.”
- Michelle Kim, March 2009 Graduate

"The instructors not only know what they’re teaching but they know how to teach. The support staff was very helpful and the owner of the school is serious about helping people find jobs after graduating.
Each of us had individual workstations and we didn’t just learn the programs - there were film viewings, readings and discussions on the aesthetics of editing, which was something else I was looking for in an editing class. All around I’d say it was definitely worth it."
- Dave Oates, January 2009 Graduate

"I just wanted to write you and say thanks for the wonderful experience at MEWShop.  I wish it never had to end.  The instructors there are AWESOME and I am so happy that I made the decision to take the class with you guys.  Really thorough and professional and I was very satisfied."
- Andreas Burgos, January 2009 Graduate

“I took the 6 week course in Summer of 2008. I immediately began to freelance on two shows after graduation, a month on Steven Segal's "Lawman" and two months on "Storm Chasers". I then received an email from Josh about a job at Hybrid Films as a "logger" and that he had asked that students that were interested contact him first. I replied and was immediately brought in for an interview. Hybrid called MEW for a reference and I was hired. I did have previous experience in actual 35mm film cutting but never digital. I would never had gotten this position if it had not been for the tools i learned in the workshop. I ended up "logging" for six months and was blessed further by being promoted to Production Coordinator for Dog The Bounty Hunter thus replacing my direct supervisor. I basically became my own boss and was supervising others that I had not only worked next to for the last six months but had also attended classes with at MEW! It was surreal! We are about to go into our 8th season and my second as a Coordinator. As I said before I owe MEW everything! It gave me the ability and knowledge to be able to start a new career in less than a year! No school I know can do that! Certainly not New York Film Academy. So a big huge THANKS to everyone over there! I will thank them again when I win my Emmy!”
- Todd Cury, August  2008 Graduate

“Manhattan Edit Workshop turned my life around. The incredible staff breathed new life and instilled new tools of endless and enormous proportions into my career. I look at television, film and media out of an entire different scope now. I owe and credit everything I know about editing to Mewshop. Anyone who has a desire to learn editing should make this experience a priority,”
- Deric Tibbs, June 2008 Graduate

"I learned more in that six weeks than in the six years pervious."
- Frank Perotto, February 2008 Graduate, Editor, MTV

"I can't say enough good things about my experience at MEWShop. The incredible instructors go far beyond teaching the mere mechanics of editing - they teach you the Art of editing. Everyone at MEWShop has a passion and respect for the craft that is tangible and infectious and the atmosphere they create is focused on nothing less than each student winning. It is a VERY special place and it was truly an amazing experience."
- Valentine Sheldon, July 2007 Graduate, Editor, ABC, TLC, MTV, Lifetime, A&E, Bravo and VH1

"I was incredibly excited that the class was actually going to be about film, not just the mechanics of editing.  This was valuable to me in terms of my enthusiasm and spark to my imagination.  It provided a necessary foundation of interest to build my editing skills."
- David Blakie, September 2005 Graduate, Editor, Web Designer

"Knowing both Final Cut and Avid allows you greater opportunities as an editor.  It's that simple, and that's what I got at Manhattan Edit Workshop."
- Jason Beuaregard, January 2005 Graduate, Editor, Miami Ink, Vibe

"Seeing post facilities, talking to the people working there, getting tips on our reel from someone who would be in the position to look at it if we applied there, were great boosts to my confidence, excitement and knowledge. Better still, after the workshop, I got a job at one of them!"
- Christopher Green, October 2004 Graduate, Post Supervisor, Outpost Digital, Radical Media

"Of the connections I've made and the opportunities that have led me to editing work, almost 90% (I did the math) can be traced back to Manhattan Edit Workshop."
- Michael Slavens, August  2004 Graduate, Editor, Sam Adams, New York Sports Club

"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size.  They have a solid program and an excellent school."
- Christopher Olsen, May 2004 Graduate, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY