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Can I learn Premiere Pro, Avid and basic fundamentals of After Effects in six weeks?

Yes you can and it's a mistake not to learn all three applications. You will have ample amount of dedicated hands-on instruction in each system. Our curriculum emphasizes fundamental editing techniques, which are easily translated between systems. The basic structures of Premiere Pro and Avid are similar enough that you'll have little trouble utilizing the essential editing techniques in either application. You'll edit scenes in each system, and have plenty of lab time during which to develop your comfort level. Our philosophy: Knowing all of these systems isn't an option, it's a necessity.

Can I cut my own work?

Yes. If you have it, you are free to edit your own material in the class. Manhattan Edit Workshop offers a variety of footage from which to choose for your reel -- narratives, documentaries, commercials, film trailers and music videos. Rather than tell you what you will edit, we let you decide based on your specific area of interest.

Who will my instructors be?

Our instructors are all certified, and are all working editors with credits in theatrical and broadcast film and television. You will edit with award-winning directors and examine the storytelling process using scenes from internationally distributed films.

Will I be working on live projects?

We're always on the lookout for compelling, high quality material, which may include projects currently in production. Most likely, you will work with scenes from award-winning films, as well as additional material produced specifically for use in the workshops.

Am I cutting scenes from real films?

Yes. You will edit and workshop scenes from real films with input from the directors.

Will I have my own computer?

Yes. While other editing/filmmaking schools make students share equipment or split time on a machine, each student in our Six Week Intensive will have his/her own workstation for the duration of the workshop for each full day of the class.

Can you help me find work as an editor/assistant?

While Manhattan Edit Workshop is in no way a placement agency, we actively pursue relationships with the post-production community in order to develop employment opportunities for workshop participants. More than half of past workshop participants have found work as assistant editors and/or editors, either at post-production facilities or as freelancers. Many of these opportunities were developed within our growing network or potential employers.

How many students are in a class?

To ensure individualized attention and an intimate workshop setting, our maximum amount of students in each class is 12 students.

How much one-on-one time will I have with instructors?

You will work one-on-one with instructors every day. Even during the initial period of hands-on instruction, there is ample opportunity for one-on-one instruction and support.

Have questions and want to speak with someone in person or check out the facility?  

Join us at our next Open House on July 26th.  Click here to register.  Want to set up an appointment to tour the facility and speak with someone in person during the week? Email jason@mewshop.com.  Facility tours are available Monday - Friday from 10am - 5:30pm by appointment.

How can I find out who the Artist in Residence will be for an upcoming class?

Since our Artists in Residence are top working editors, their availability depends on their work schedule. We seldom know who they will be prior to an upcoming six week class, but we always look for award-winning, accomplished editors at the top of their discipline. Past Artists in Residence include Alan Heim, ACE (All That Jazz*, Network*), Steven Rotter (The Right Stuff*, The World According to Garp), Andrew Mondshein, ACE (What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Sixth Sense), David Salter, ACE (Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2), Susan Morse, ACE (Hannah and Her Sisters, Zelig), Jay Rabinowitz, ACE ( Requiem For a Dream, I'm Not There), Alexander Hall (Treme, The Messenger), John Gilroy, ACE (Michael Clayton, Miracle), Norman Hollyn (Heathers, "The Film Editing Room Handbook"), Kate Sanford, ACE (The Wire, Sex and The City),  Curtiss Clayton (My Own Private Idaho, The Assasination of Jesse James), Carol Littleton (E.T., Grand Canyon), Christopher Tellefsen, ACE (Capote*, The People vs. Larry Flint), Lee Percy, ACE (Reversal of Fortune*, Boys Don't Cry), Tom Haneke (American Dream*, He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'*), Jim Lyons (Far From Heaven, Safe), Keith Reamer (I shot Andy Warhol, Suffering Man's Charity), Michael Berenbaum, ACE (Before Night Falls, Sex in the City), Robert Lovett (Cotton Club, The Taking of Pelham 123), Bill Pankow, ACE (Drumline, The Untouchables), Brian Kates, ACE (The Woodsman, Shortbus) and Larry Silk, ACE (American Dream*, Wildman Blues).

When will the After Effects training take place?

The After Effects training takes place on week two of the workshop. 

How long do I have to take the certification tests (MC 101 Exam, and MC 110 Exam), after the class?

Students have up to 30 days to take the certification tests  (MC 101 Exam, and MC 110 Exam), after the class has ended.

Where should I stay when attending your workshops?

For our Six Week and extended stay students, we recommend students search craigslist.org for sublets or Hostelz.com for long term lodging.


Other long term lodging includes Seafarers & International HouseFurnished QuartersWest-Eleventh ApartmentsNY Inns and Chelsmore Apartments.


*Academy-Award winner