Evan Schechtman leads a tour of post facility Outpost Digital.

Beyond the Classroom

In the Field

We help to demystify the complex world of post-production by taking our students on several field trips to New York’s top editing facilities. You’ll have the chance to talk to key players in the industry, and get an insider’s view of how they, “fix it in post.”

Learn Post at Outpost

Outpost Digital is the premier Final Cut Pro facility in the country. With clients ranging from Miramax to Steven Soderbergh, Outpost Digital has proven that Final Cut Pro can perform on the level of the highest-end non-linear editing systems. Evan Schechtman, Outpost founder and Final Cut Pro guru takes students on a tour of the facility and offers valuable insights into making an effective reel and finding a job.

Students make a SPLASH

Splash Studios is a full service audio post-production facility specializing in sound design  and mixing for film and television. Students tour the facility and see the process of audio finishing first-hand. During the tour we’ll transfer our editing work into Pro Tools sessions and talk about workflow through the picture editing, sound design, and audio mixing processes.