Artists in Residence

The Artist-in-Residence Program is a core component of Manhattan Edit Workshop's Six Week Art of Editing Course. Top film editors join the class to screen and discuss their work, while students share their edits for comments and critique.

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Peter Frank

Peter Frank, ACE has been an active member of the film community for forty six years and counting.  During that time he has worked as an editor in almost every major style on both coasts.  His work has included documentaries, both for PBS and for the major networks, commercials, theatrical features, video, TV movies (MOWs), TV series, and theatrical shorts.  He has worked for CBS, ABC, PBS, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros., Fox, Sony, New Line, Miramax, Hearst, and many others.   He has cut feature movies in many different genres for a broad range of distinguished directors, inlcuding Sidney Lumet, Frank Perry, Emil Ardolino, Sarah Kernochan, and Darnell Martin (the first black woman to direct a major studio picture),  I Like It Like That. Some of his credits include The Verdict, Dirty Dancing, Cadillac Records, and currently the television series Blue Bloods.  He has been a member of American Cinema Editors for over 15 years.

Peter Frank, ACE visits the Six Week Intensive Workshop.