Editing: Sight, Sound and Story - Film & Digital Times

27 June 2015

by Stephanie Mergal


Saturday, June 13th, 9:00 AM. The Manhattan Edit Workshop auditorium in New York was filled with people of all ages who had come to learn more about film editing. Many were students, laptops in hand. The woman sitting next to me had a flyer about a documentary she was working on; the man sitting on the other side showed us the projects he was doing.


The panel started with the “real” in reality TV. Lead by moderator Gordon Burkell, editors Alanda Yudin, Joe Schuck, and Jolie “Bob” Lombardi talked about working in reality TV and the editing process. As someone with a guilty pleasure for reality TV, this was fascinating. Alana Yudin has worked on TV shows such as “Teen Mom” and “Ink Wars.” In preparation, I had watched a few clips of “Ink Wars” before attending the event and became addicted; one clip turned into twenty and by the end I had watched an entire season. All three editors explained the process of editing reality TV. Yudin showed how a scene had footage added to make it more entertaining for the audience. Both Schuck and Lombardi admitted to “embellishing” and even using “bleeps” to give characters larger-than-life personalities. The most important part in editing for reality TV, they said, was the story being told. Music and sound effects also play a very important part to affect the mood of the scene. Many editors use temporary music (scratch tracks); this helps them with the feeling they are trying to evoke while they work.


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