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Final Cut Pro 200

An Overview of Final Cut Pro X - $1,700


Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that makes it possible for beginners and seasoned professionals to achieve stunning results. This five-day*, hands-on course teaches students to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface.  Start with basic video editing techniques and work all the way through Final Cut Pro's powerful advanced features. Students work with dramatic real-world media to learn the practical techniques used daily in editing projects.

This course is based on the FCP 101: Introduction to Final Cut Pro X course. However, the lessons are covered in five days, providing more comprehensive coverage of the material

Who should take this class:

This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro X and who prefers hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality.

What You Will Learn:

• Creating Smart Collections to organize media based on metadata and keywords.

• Using the Magnetic Timeline for an exceptionally fast, fluid new way to edit.

• Combining multiple elements into a single Compound Clip.

• Finetuning clips in the timeline with the Precision Editor.

• Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips with just a click using auditions.

• Applying effects, transitions and retiming clips.

• Finishing and final output.



Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

• Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

• Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended


Want to set-up and use the program before you take a class?  Click here for a free FCPX 30 - day Trial from Apple!

Apple Pro Certification available for this course.

To download course outline click here.

Five-day Intensives are 10am-6pm, Monday through Friday.  Each student gets their own workstation.

Cost: $1,700

Certification cost: $150 with workshop