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Adobe Illustrator Level I

An Introduction to Adobe Illustrator - $1,295


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Perspective drawing, variable-width strokes, a new brush that lets you control bristle characteristics, and innovative ways to quickly build shapes, are among the new features in the comprehensive vector environment of industry-leading Illustrator.

New perspective tools add an exciting dimension to Illustrator, eliminating the need to create your own horizon lines and vanishing points when you wish to draw a scene or an object in perspective. With the Shape Builder tool, you no longer use the Pathfinder panel—you simply sweep your cursor across overlapping objects to merge and divide shapes. And you can even paint watercolor strokes that remain vectors, now with new edge softness and subtle control of transparency. These powerful new features make Illustrator a must-have, but along with the dramatic advances, you’ll find great improvement to familiar favorites. Strokes now have fully controllable width handles, and the Draw Inside mode creates masks automatically when you draw or when you place an image—no extra clicks.

With enhanced integration among Adobe products, you can move easily between Illustrator and products, such as Adobe Flash Catalyst software, where you can add interaction to your designs. And new CS Live online services provide effective collaboration, efficient reviews, and more.
Using Illustrator, you can get the job done efficiently but beautifully, moving quickly from multiple ideas to multiple outputs with complete control, and delivering exactly what you had in mind.

Our three-day course will provide you with the core skills you need to make the most of this extremely powerful application.

Prerequisite: Photoshop Level I (or comparable experience).  Click here to see our Photoshop Level II workshop.

Audience: Producers, editors, assistant editors and motion graphics artists interested in getting beyond the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

To download a course outline click here.

Three-day intensives are from 10am-6pm.  Each student gets their own workstation.

Want to see the program before you take a class?  Click here for a free Illustrator CC  30 - day Trial from Adobe!



Cost: $1295 (includes Adobe Certified Courseware)

Certification cost: NA