"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size. They have a solid program and an excellent school."
—Christopher Olsen
, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY

Yan Shvalb

Apple and Autodesk Certified Instructor

Yan developed his skills in the digital arts through commercial work, teaching and consulting. He studied art at Brooklyn College and took to it so readily he was teaching graduate-level courses in 3D animation, compositing and non-linear editing while still an undergrad. Through an internship at Sony he learned to do high-end 3D animation and compositing on Avid, Flame and SoftImage systems. Shvalb learned DVD authoring at Crush, one of the first such facilities in the country; there, he worked on titles for Criterion, pioneer of the now-standard "added features" on DVDs.

Shvalb moved to Michigan to run a DVD authoring facility at General TV Network, then to Florida to serve as chief technical officer and CIO at Inflight Online, where he earned patents in air-to-ground communications technologies and "crazy stuff for in-flight entertainment". In 2001 he returned to New York to start his own company, VizualFX.  You can also find him speaking at events like NAB, Siggraph and Macworld.