"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size. They have a solid program and an excellent school."
—Christopher Olsen
, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY

Tyrone Williamson

Adobe Certified Instructor

Tyrone Williamson is a certified instructor who has been in the Video, Audio, and IT industries for over the past twenty years.  He started off as an Audio Engineer in the early 90’s and then opened his own record label (Internet Records), which then led him to  his love for video.  He shot and edited several music videos for his own record label as well as music videos for other clients


Tyrone Williamson has received several certifications in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, & OS X Client/Server.  He is currently a full-time trainer. His passion for training permeates in every class he facilitates.