"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size. They have a solid program and an excellent school."
—Christopher Olsen
, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY

Michael Venzor

Adobe Instructor

Michael Venzor brings with him extensive work experience, spanning 20+ years in all areas of production and post-production. After graduating from Stanford University in 1996, Michael created trailers for films produced by the legendary Roger Corman at Concorde Pictures. Over the years, Michael produced and edited video for a variety of broadcast companies, as well as ESPN and Showtime. He has recently completed his first short film, which will be submitted to major film festivals in 2018. The valuable lessons he’s learned from working with other professionals in all areas of the industry allow Michael to deliver a comprehensive educational experience to all his students.

Michael’s career in teaching started with one-on-one training with specific clients. He has since moved on to classroom level instructing in different schools around Manhattan. But he still enjoys the value of working directly with one student at a time, when the opportunity presents itself. 

As an instructor, Michael is extremely patient, thoughtful, and well-prepared. He believes that the most effective way to teach software it simply to use it, spending the majority of class time engaged in activity, actually using the software, as opposed to discussing it. Armed with both a vast knowledge base, and also an overwhelming passion for teaching digital media, Michael’s goal is always to offer the very best in production classes for the future filmmakers of the world.