"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size. They have a solid program and an excellent school."
—Christopher Olsen
, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY

Dado Valentic

ICA Instructor

Instructor Dado Valentic is an award winning master colourist with over 16 years of industry experience. He is a founder of MYTHERAPY, UK’s leading creative studio and a research lab for Digital Color Grading. Credited for several developments in the field of RAW camera processing, Dado Valentic is at the very forefront of color grading technology, continually pushing the boundaries and bringing innovations within this field. Working on some of the biggest feature films and commercials across the world, he is one of the most sought after colorists around.



Dado Valentic’s approach to color training blurs the boundaries between the arts, science and technology. The aim of his color training work is to bring innovation and offer a deeper understanding of color and perception that reaches far beyond perimeters of his research lab.


Dado Valentic’s approach to communicating color science has won him a wide audience with over 20 sell-out classes at the ICA-International Colorist Academy in London.


Reducation classes in London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Singapore, Moscow and Gothenburg. Guest lectures at International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, National Broadcasting Convention in Las Vegas, British Society of Cinematographers Expo, BAFTA and Creative Week in London. He is a regular lecturer at the Dutch Film Academy, London International Film School, Moscow International Film School, SAE Oxford and Edinburgh University of Arts.